ECVET in Progress
In accordance to the European Commission, ECVET is designed to meet the challenges of mobility and learning throughout life by allowing the recognition of learning from different contexts. The adoption of this system involves a collaboration between operators and requires them to adapt by changing their training tools. Currently, some institutions have made progress on this path, particularly through experiences of implementation of ECVET but others remain in demand for support. Educational experiments as this TOI ECVET project will contectualize this process and help answer certain remaining questions that has suspended transferability and generalization.

Led by a consortium unprecedented in its composition (Training public, private, education, validation of skills, decision-making) "ECVET in progress" is to be transferred to the vocational specialty of construction to develope useful tools and methodologies so that ECVET be implemented in other areas and other consortiums. A synthesis of experience and research in the partner countries will offer a reference methodology for the creation and matching of units of learning outcomes.


• Establish an inventory, analyze and synthesize, through a mutual transfer, experiences and methodologies ECVET from partner countries

• Develop a common synthesis methodology based on the analysis

• Test the synthesis methodology and its transferability through theoretical case studies in different contexts and for different types of LLL courses. This involves the development and determination of key skills, Units of learning, correspondence tables, test evaluation, the allocation of ECVET points, ...

• From the results, update the summary common methodologies

• Prepare travel actions for the purpose of disseminating this methodology with experts of the implementation of ECVET and institutional reforms and preparing field workers

• Support any national trials that will reveal the fruits of the project (SFMQ, CPU, FINECVET)


• Analysis and synthesis of mutual transfers of experiences and methodologies ECVET

• Synthesis and tools developed as part of the experiments

• A methodological guide aimed at experts

• Dissemination documents for experts and field workers

International Co-ordinator Susanna Vestling +358 500 440 586
Project co-ordinator Le FOREM in Belgium, Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus in Estonia, AID, CVDC, IFAPME, SFMQ, Bruxelles Formation in Belgium and YA.
Leonardo Da Vinci
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