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El Art 2.0
European art schools, their students and teachers.

EL Art 2.0 builds on the project ‘EL Art ’ that was developed and successfully executed between 2012-2014. The project EL Art set out to close the gap between skill-based training and the ‘real world’ by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and multidisciplinary cooperation within the creative industries. The project was focused on strengthening the core entrepreneurial qualities of art students defined by the project group as: creativity, an active attitude, collaborative skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and practical thinking. This was done by teaching methods on how to form concepts through various brainstorm techniques, how to look at problems from different angles, how to set up realistic project and PR plans and how to pitch plans and present yourself and your ideas. The active attitude was trained by moving the teaching outside the classroom and the students were assigned to set up a real multidisciplinary art project, which were developed, executed, promoted and performed by themselves. Within this project the partner schools from Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain will use the successful aspects from the former EL Art. They will form a link to the real world by getting input from professionals and take the teaching beyond the classroom. The project will also provide teachers and students with practical tools on how to use their creative minds for entrepreneurial thinking. The teachers will be taught how to become coaches (to help develop active attitudes of students) and the activities will encourage intersection of disciplines (to help teachers and students view their disciplines and skills from new perspectives and increase students chances in the work field). The output of this project consists of a handbook, a training of trainers program for teachers and seminars to disseminate the outputs. The training is focused on a group of teachers from various disciplines of the partner schools involved. This target group will receive training and will parallel to it help develop the handbook, which will be in beta version when their training starts. The handbook will be disseminated through seminars organized in the partner countries targeting all teachers and managers at the partner schools, along with other regional schools.

Susanna Vestling och Linda Wester
YA, Grupo Petanwen S.L. Sevilla Spanien, Escuela de Arte de Sevilla, Malmö latinskola Sverige, ROC Noorderport Nederländerna, HANZEHOGESCHOOL GRONINGEN STICHTING Nederländerna
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